Corporate Safety Policy

Safety is an integral part of the operations of Tribal North Energy Services. Activities will be conducted on the belief that the prevention of accidents and injury is of utmost importance to workers and the company. No job is so urgent that it must be undertaken without reasonable safety precautions.

The company has implemented a safety program to protect our personnel, contractors, property, the environment and the public. Tribal North’s commitment to ensure the safety of all personnel in our operations will be directed through the Corporate Safety policy, the Petroleum Industry Guiding Principles for Worker Safety and through the Health and Safety Program.

While each party has a responsibility for its own worker safety and the reporting of unsafe conditions, the company recognizes its leadership role in promoting worker health and safety. Tribal North, its management and supervisors are committed to demonstrating a leadership role in promoting worker health and safety in its activities and in protecting the public and the environment. Specific responsibilities of the company, management, supervisors, contractors and workers are listed in detail in the Health and Safety Manual.

All workers, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers engaged in activities on behalf of Tribal North shall:

  • Do everything reasonable and practical to protect the health and safety of all workers, and
  • Cooperate with the company to protect the health and safety of all workers present at the worksite at which the work is being carried out.

Tribal North will make every effort to comply with applicable Federal, Provincial, Local Laws and recognized industry safety practices. The company requires that all workers, contractors, subcontractors and other parties performing work for or on our behalf of the company similarly comply.

An injury and accident free workplace is our goal. Through continuous safety and loss control efforts, we can accomplish this.