Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy

The purpose of this policy is to outline the standards and procedures of Tribal North Energy Services towards drug and alcohol abuse, and to establish a clear guideline for disciplinary actions dealing with employees and contractors, who use, sell, transfer, are in possession of or who may be impaired from the use of alcohol, drugs or other psychoactive substances on company property.

This policy applies to all employees and contractors of Tribal North. Excluded from this policy is the legitimate possession and proper use of medications, specifically prescribed for the user by a licensed physician and over-the-counter medications, provided that such medications are being used in strict compliance with the prescription and/or the manufacturer’s directions and that the use of medications does not impair ability to perform the worker’s job. It is the duty of the employee to inform his/her supervisor of any medications that are being used and to question the doctor or pharmacist regarding possible side effects.

To ensure a safe and productive work environment at all company facilities and worksites and to safeguard Tribal North, the company strictly prohibits the use, sale, transfer or possession of alcohol, drugs or other psychoactive substances on any company premises or worksites. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, contractor vehicles as well as personal/rental vehicles used for company business.

In addition, the company strictly prohibits any worker being on any company worksite while in a state of impairment of any licit or illicit psychoactive substance.

Moreover, the company strictly prohibits any visitor or subcontractor being on company premises of worksites while in a state of impairment of any psychoactive substance. Any subcontractor or visitor found in violation of the above stated policy will be refused entry onto, or removed from, the company’s premises or worksites.

Any employee who is taking any legal drug that may impair their safety; performance or motor functions must advise his or her supervisor before reporting for work under such medications. A company-authorized representative may request to see the prescription in order to verify legal use. Abuse of any prescribed or other psychoactive drug is strictly prohibited. Violation of this policy shall result in disciplinary action being taken up to and possibly including termination of employment/contract.