Environmental Protection Policy

Tribal North Energy Services is committed to minimize the impact of its activities on the environment and to maintain public health and safety during all phases of its operations.

It is our responsibility to society to assess the effects of our operations on the environments and upon public health and safety. We must strike a balance between those effects and the contribution that our operations make to the well-being of society as whole.

Everyone employed by Tribal North is responsible for maintaining our Environmental Protection Program. Managers and supervisors will assess the potential effects of their projects and will integrate protective measures to prevent or reduce impacts on the environment and on public health and safety. They are also responsible for communicating and investigating environmentally hazardous situations and occurrences, providing training, developing emergency response plans to minimize the consequences of emergency events and monitoring and auditing our Environmental Protection Program. Any environmental damage caused by our activities will be corrected in a timely and efficient manner. Everyone has a duty and responsibility to propose potential improvements to our Environmental Protection Program and to provide the means for those improvements to be considered. Everyone has the right and the responsibility to refuse to do work that does not comply with the company’s Environmental Protection Policy and Program.

Employees, contractors and subcontractors will comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Those individuals who knowingly violate applicable laws and regulations may face disciplinary action, dismissal or legal action. In addition, the company may face legal action and fines for violations of regulatory requirements. Those who do not fulfill their responsibilities will become accountable for any problems that their negligence creates and may be liable under the law.

By striking a balance between the effects of our operations on the environment and our contribution to society, we will enable the sustainable development of our resources, thereby beneficially serving our shareholders and society as a whole.