Tribal North Energy Services is a First Nation Company, specializing in water management, providing the highest standard of services and equipment to the oil and gas industry in the Traditional Territories of northern Alberta. Tribal North proudly and consistently demonstrates its operational expertise and execution in the water sector and works extensively in the Kakwa and Kaybob/Fox Creek areas for a number of significant industry clients.

Tribal North’s services and equipment are of exceptional quality and are cost competitive. The Company is committed to uncompromised safety, reliability and exceptional customer service and has a track record of proven performance and providing innovative solutions resulting in operational efficiencies for its customers. By forging a commercial relationship with Tribal North, industry operators are able to cost effectively align with First Nations, allowing both the First Nations and industry to share in the benefits derived from the emerging natural resource development projects occurring in Traditional Territories.

Tribal North is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta with a 9 acre Equipment Facility located in High Prairie, in northern Alberta, that includes a 23,000 square foot commercial shop and office facility. The Facility contains 6 truck bays, ample parking and meeting/training rooms. All equipment currently provided to industry is new and state of the art, including: frac water super heaters, frac tanks, transfer pumps, manifolds and hoses, winch trucks, Texas bed trucks, straight trucks and scissor neck 40 ton trailers. Additional equipment yards will be located throughout northern Alberta as the Company expands.

Water Management Solutions

Tribal North prides itself in our rigorous attention to detail, job planning and operational execution – which starts with our detailed Pre-Site Job Questionnaire and Water Management Plan Template. From this information we develop a detailed water storage, transfer and heating plan including equipment needs, optimal set up configurations, transfer rates, expected heating times, manpower requirements and fuel usage estimates.

At Tribal North, we recognize that each job/project is unique and requires different configurations and strategies for both equipment and manpower deployment.  Our team of professionals and water management experts analyze and engineer each job scenario – creating a comprehensive and innovative water management proposal to meet each customer’s specific needs.

Tribal North is able to provide all regulatory filings, compliance and submissions on behalf of each client.

While the Company’s initial services are focused on fluids management, including overland transfer and water heating for completion operations, Tribal North is currently evaluating capital investments to further enhance our capabilities and efficiencies, including expansion into water sourcing and disposal/recycling facilities so we may continue to provide superior services for our customers. Industry operators are encouraged to contact Tribal North if there are specific needs that can be addressed by additional equipment not currently available.