Tribal Partners

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Tribal North Energy Services is a First Nation Company, specializing in water management, providing the highest standard of equipment and services to the oil and gas industry in the Traditional Territories of northern Alberta.

Tribal North has offered a unique way to commercially align the interests of First Nations with industry resulting in active economic participation, and employment/job training opportunities to build both Nation and member capacity.

The Company, co-founded by Sucker Creek First Nation, has been provided capital through a private equity arrangement with Native American Resource Partners (NARP), a development firm exclusively dedicated to structuring, financing and implementing natural resource projects in partnership with aboriginal communities. NARP’s arrangement with the Company includes a long term commitment to provide capital for expansion and growth, and to incubate the Company’s success by accessing operational expertise and building First Nation capacity. 

Tribal North encourages and promotes industry operators to utilize the Company’s services and equipment in the First Nations Traditional Territories of northern Alberta. The Company’s services and equipment are of exceptional quality and are cost competitive. Tribal North is committed to creating employment and job training for First Nation members and moving positively towards the model of economic and social independence and sustainability. By forging a commercial relationship with Tribal North, industry operators are able to cost effectively align with First Nations, allowing both the First Nations and industry to share in the benefits derived from the emerging natural resource development projects occurring in Traditional Territories. Tribal North has been designed to incorporate participation by a number of Alberta First Nations into its ownership structure and its areas of operation.